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“UFO (2021) Official Trailer | SHOWTIME Documentary Series”

Drip, drip, drip:

From J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot comes a four-part docuseries uncovering the (in)credible evidence and events that claim the existence of UFOs and other life forms on – or hovering above – Earth. The series will unravel America’s historic obsession with the extraterrestrial. From “Top Gun” pilots being taunted by tic-tac looking flying saucers in the sky, to Gen Z’s rave in the notorious Area 51, to government conspiracy theories, set ups and cover ups, our UFO Project will take us to the ends of the earth – and even a bit farther than that – and back as we tell the twisted tales of sightings, and deception and what this intense and haunting speculation has done to the psyche of the American public and national trust in the government.

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The NY Times has advance intel on the government report on UFO/UAP’s to be submitted to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Whatever these UFO/UAP’s are, they are not ours, they do not belong to our enemies, and we have no evidence that they are alien.

Talk about a screaming headline. Defense Department says, “we don’t know nuttin’.”

From the Times:

INITIAL TIMES HEADLINE: Government Finds No Evidence That Aerial Sightings Were Alien Spacecraft

UPDATED TIMES HEADLINE: U.S. Finds No Evidence of Alien Technology in Flying Objects, but Can’t Rule It Out, Either

American intelligence officials have found no evidence that aerial phenomena witnessed by Navy pilots in recent years are alien spacecraft, but they still cannot explain the unusual movements that have mystified scientists and the military, according to senior administration officials briefed on the findings of a highly anticipated government report.

The report determines that the vast majority of more than 120 incidents over the past two decades did not originate from any American military or other advanced U.S. government technology, the officials said. That determination would appear to eliminate the possibility that Navy pilots who reported seeing unexplained aircraft might have encountered programs the government meant to keep secret.

But that is about the only conclusive finding in the classified intelligence report, the officials said. And while a forthcoming unclassified version, expected to be released to Congress by June 25, will present few other firm conclusions, senior officials briefed on the intelligence conceded that the very ambiguity of the findings meant the government could not definitively rule out theories that the phenomenon observed by military pilots might be alien spacecraft.

Read the rest of the article at the NY Times.

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