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Lue Elizondo: “UFOs/UAPs are not believed to be of Earth nation origin” — ‘Infinitesimally small possibility’ that they are U.S., Chinese, or Russian

Per Tom Rogan of the Washington Examiner (Tom has done a yeoman’s job reporting on this subject), Elizondo has come out with further clarification of the UFO/UAP issue in anticipation of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence report to Congress expected later this month.

Points of clarification by Elizondo per Rogan:

  • it is a credible line of government inquiry that these UFOs are “extraterrestrial, extra-dimensional,” or the creation of an Earth-based intelligence entirely unknown to our human society.
  • it is “nothing more than an infinitesimally small possibility” that these extraordinary UFOs are of either U.S., Chinese, or Russian origin (or Israel or Elon Musk, etc.). [This has been echoed by Sen Martin Heinrich of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence]
  • the government has evidence to indicate that the most extraordinary UFOs are not “human-made machines.”

Source: Tom Rogan, Washington Examiner

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